Unit 1, Lister House Health Centre,
Abercrombie Way, Harlow,
Essex, CM18 6YJ

Home Visits

Home visits are requested by ringing the switchboard and requesting a visit via the reception staff.

It is much appreciated, where possible, for visits needed after morning surgery when most home visits are undertaken, if the request can be telephoned in to the surgery by 11am. This has the advantage of allowing you (as far as possible) to see your own doctor. Obviously, if an emergency occurs at a different time of the day, a visit request can be made but that will be undertaken by the day duty doctor.

Routine postnatal visits are made without formal request but the surgery will contact you to inform you that the doctor is attending.

However, although patients may request a home visit, there is no automatic right to receive one. If the doctor feels that the individual would be best be examined in surgery, the patient will be invited to attend the Health Centre. We normally expect parents to bring their children to be examined in surgery; a temperature, for example, should not preclude a child from being brought in.