Maternity Care

Our Community Midwives provide antenatal care along with the doctors but also have additional clinics. They also visit at home when “booking” a new patient for maternity care and also visit at home after delivery. The “team” also follows the client in to hospital for delivery of the baby.

Antenatal, Postnatal and Six week baby checks

Joint antenatal care is provided by the doctors and the midwives in regular weekly clinics. Uncomplicated pregnancies are managed exclusively within the practice although ultrasound scans are needed at Princess Alexandra Hospital. Although delivery is encouraged at the hospital, postnatal care is undertaken as soon as the mother and baby return home (for the first 10 days). Subsequent to this, the health visitor makes a home visit to introduce herself and advise on further care of the baby. Between 6 to 8 weeks, mothers are invited for a postnatal check. At that time, any concerns can be discussed and family planning advice given. In addition, the baby is given a comprehensive check.

Maternity timetable for significant dates during your pregancy.