History of the Practice

Harlow was the first town in England where the concept of the health centre was put into practice in the 1950s. Originally they were mostly owed by a charitable trust (The Nuffield Trust) but at present are owed and maintained by: Harlow Health Centres Trust Ltd, The Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, Harlow, Essex CM18 7BL. . Harlow Health Centres website.

At present there are eight health centres (nine practices) dotted around the town, six of which are owned and maintained by Harlow Health Centres Trust.

History of Lister Medical Centre

Lister Medical Centre was started by Dr Frank Hayes on 1st September 1961 in a semi detached house in Kingsland, Harlow. The practice expanded into a ten doctor partnership during the following years.

The practice expanded very rapidly over a fourteen-year period during which in 1966, the partnership, occupied The Nuffield Trust purpose-built Health Centre, called Lister House. From 1962 expansion was rapid and uniform to 1970; the expansion decreased from 1970 to 1975; in 1976, the list size finally stabilised.

The premises are leased to the partnership. The building is located at Lister House Medical Centre on Abercrombie Way, adjacent to the Staple Tye shopping area. Geographically, Lister Medical Centre is situated in the south west sector of Harlow. The building is central to the practice area.